Ultrafast Phenomena 2024 Speaker's and Poster Instructions


Instructions for Speakers and Poster Presenters

Speakers’ Instructions:
Durations of the oral presentations are:

  • 15 minutes (including 3 minutes for discussion) for contributed talks,
  • 30 minutes (including 5 minutes for discussion) for invited talks.
  • 22 minutes (panel discussion on strong coupling)

Upload service in advance
Speakers can upload their presentations in advance. An email was sent to all speakers to provide a personal link to download their presentations. Using this link, your file will automatically go into the corresponding sessions of the speakers. Speakers are requested to rename their file using the session code of their presentation (e.g., Fr-2A.1, Mo-2B.1, etc.) and the title of their presentation.

For security, we recommend bringing a backup of your presentation on a USB stick or your personal computer in case of technical issues on site. Possibly you may also project directly from your device. If you use a Mac, please bring your adapter.

In any case, speakers are asked to check-in with the student helpers in the room of their talk to perform a quick check of their presentation during the coffee break before their session begins or the day preceding their talk, if your talk takes place in the early morning.

In order to avoid technical problems, do not send downloads just prior the session begins.

Speakers are asked to check-in with the session chair in the conference room ten minutes before the session begins.

Each conference room is equipped with the complete presentation equipment: beamer / screen, laptop / Microphones. The screen ratio is 16:9. Oral sessions take place in the Auditorium or in the room A2+A3.

Guidelines presentation formats
We recommend PowerPoint Presentation for all speakers with a slide ratio 16:9.
It is also possible to use PDF, Word and Excel files for the presentation.
For video we prefer mp4 file container with a h264 codec. It is also possible to use (.wmv), (.avi) or (.mov), so they will run properly on the computers provided.

Posters are a major attraction and provide an intimate interaction between the presenter and the participants.

172 posters will be presented during three sessions:

            →        Tuesday 16 July 2024 from 15:45 to 17:15

            →        Wednesday 17 July 2024 from 15:45 to 17:15

            →        Thursday 18 July 2024 from 15:45 to 17:15.

There will be no oral presentations during this time. Coffee breaks will be organised during the sessions. All poster sessions take place in Port Vell.

Instructions for Poster Presenters:
Poster sessions are scheduled to provide an opportunity for selected papers to be presented in greater visual details and to facilitate discussions among attendees. Poster authors are asked to put their posters in the morning of their assigned day. Poster presenters are absolutely asked to be present at their poster during their assigned poster session to allow informal discussions.
To display his/her poster, each author is provided with a 156 cm high x 95 cm wide poster board (inner size). Fixing material (tape) will be provided. The boards will be marked with the poster session code.

UP-2024-Poster board dimensions